Dog & Cat Grooming

My name is Shannon. I have enjoyed the company of animals all of my life and feel privileged to spend my days with these amazing creatures. We groom paws of all sizes and our goal at Mutt Cuts is to make your pet look beautiful while helping to maintain a healthy coat and providing the most stress-free environment possible.

We always have your pet's best interest in mind and will recommend what we feel is right for your pet's size, temperament and age. For young animals our motto is "introduction" not "perfection" as it's important that grooming be introduced as a positive experience early on. For your more mature pet, we recommend easy to maintain clips so not as much standing and brushing is required.

We also offer Maintenance Programs which saves you time and money, plus makes the grooming easier for your pet.

As the proud owner of 4 Shar-pei’s — Hank and rescue dogs, Bear, Rhappy and Arnold, I know how important it is to be secure in entrusting your pet to someone else’s care.

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